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6.4 Years Salary to Buy a Home in Spain

The cost of living in Spain grew 1% in 2018

The cost of living in Spain continues to grow as seen in the change in the annual CPI which, in 2018, grew by 1%. And when it comes to housing, the variation followed the same trend. According to a report from Fotocasa and InfoJobs, in December 2018 the average cost of rental housing in Spain Continue Reading

Impressive 56% Increase in Property Sales in Huelva


Many regions throughout Andalucía have seen a drop in property sales however this drop has not been universal. In actual fact one region in Spain is crushing its competitors and saw an increase in house sales from the previous year of 56% in February. The autonomous region which has seen this success is Huelva in Continue Reading

Pace Slowing but Spanish Property is Still Selling

Pace Slowing Still Property Sales

Statistics recently released indicate that in Spain the number of properties sold in January compared to last year only rose by a small amount. Indications from the Spanish Land Registrar show 42,850 properties were sold in the January this year, which is only marginally more than the 42,745 sold in January 2018. The smaller property Continue Reading

Foreign Demand For Spanish Homes Maintains Growth

Foreign Demand For Spanish Homes Maintains Growth

The total number of home sales registered in 2018 reached the highest level seen in the last 10 years, with 516,680 operations. This is according to a report from the College of Registrars. The figures represent an annual increase of 11.3%. The data also shows a stable distribution in relation to recent years, between used Continue Reading

2018 Home Sales Figures Highest in 11 Years

Home sales increased 9.3% in 2018

The number of home sales seen in 2018 was the highest number since 2007. According to Fomento, 581,793 homes were sold, a 9.3% increase compared to 2017. However, despite the most positive data in 11 years, the increase was the lowest since the end of the crisis confirming a slowdown in the residential market. The Continue Reading

Spanish Property Maintains Foreign Interest

Brits made up 14.75% of foreign sales

International buyers continue to see Spain as a safe place for their investments. According to an analysis of the data of the latest Yearbook of the College of Registrars of Spain conducted by Sonneil, 2018 saw record sales of homes to foreign buyers with a total of 65,295 operations. This is 11% more than in Continue Reading

Tenants Struggle to Meet Rental Costs

Tenants Struggle to Meet Rental Costs

The gap between tenant budgets and rental prices is growing, according to a report from property portal The gap between supply and demand grew to 147 euros in 2018, a massive 68% increase when compared to 2017. This means tenants are looking at paying 1,764 euros per year more than they can afford. This Continue Reading

Luxury Property Price Growth Slows

luxury property price growth slows

The average price of luxury housing in Spain increased by 3% year-on-year in 2018, according to a report from property portal idealista. The average price reached 6,800 euros per square metre at the end of the year. Although it increased, it did so more moderately than we’ve seen over the previous two years. In 2017 Continue Reading

Home Sales Increased 10% in 2018

Home Sales Increased 10% in 2018

According to the latest figures from the INE, there were 69,524 property sales in December, an annual increase of 7.2%. 85.2% of the properties purchased in December were urban properties, while 14.8% were rural. In the case of urban properties, 57.1% were home purchases. The number of rural property sales increased by 6.4% in December, Continue Reading

Home Sales Increased in December, Say Notaries

Home Sales Increased in December, Say Notaries

The number of home sales in December 2018, stood at 51,603 transactions, according to the notaries, reflecting an increase of 1.2%. By type of housing, the sale of flats showed an annual increase of 1.4%. Meanwhile, the sale of single-family homes showed a slight increase of 0.3% year-on-year. In terms of the average price, a Continue Reading