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Sale and Rental Prices Increase in April

Second hand house prices in Spain reached 2,269 euros p/m² in April having increased by 0.4% when compared to March. When compared to April in the previous year, the price increase is 7.4%. “The evolution of the price of second-hand housing continues to rise sharply and with a stable trend for five months, coinciding with Continue Reading

2024 First Quarter Positive for Property Market

The first quarterly figures for property sales in Spain show an increase in the price of second-hand housing of 2.5%, and an annual increase of 7.4%. This brings the average cost per square metre to 2,259 euros. “Home purchases in Spain continue to go through a period of high demand while waiting for a possible Continue Reading

Rental Costs Reach Historical High in January

The price of rental housing in Spain increased by 1% in January when compared to December 2023. When compared to the previous January, the increase was 5.1%. This brings the average price per square metre, per month to €11.78. This is the highest average rental cost since 2006. “The price of renting continues to rise Continue Reading

Rental Costs Fall in Third Quarter

The cost of rental housing in Spain, closed third quarter with a year-on-year increase of 7.6%. However, compared to the previous quarter, the cost is down 4%. These changes bring the average monthly cost of rental housing at €11.15 p/m². “Although at a quarterly level the price fell slightly, it must be put into context Continue Reading

Rental Costs Down in August

In Spain, the price of renting a home fell by 2.2% in August, when compared to July. When compared to the same month in the previous year, prices have increased by 4.7%. The current average price of second-hand housing to rent in Spain is €11.34 p/m². This price drop is the fourth consecutive monthly fall. Continue Reading

Rental Prices in Spain Increase in April

The price of rental housing in Spain increased by 1.2% in April, when compared to the previous month. When compared to the same month in 2022, the increase was 7.3%. The average cost per square meter, per month, now stands at €11.69. “Although increases are no longer in double digits, the price of rental housing Continue Reading

Rental Prices Breaking Records

In Spain, the price of rental housing in April once again broke historical records, standing at €11.55/m² per month. This situation, which has been repeating itself since May 2022, has led the price not only to break records, but also to exceed the price recorded during the 2007 real estate bubble, by 14.1%, according to Continue Reading

Property Prices in Málaga Exceed 2007 Records

The city of Málaga has once again seen records broken in both the prices of property sales and rental markets. Málaga capital closed February with an average cost per square metre of €2,932, while in January, the average rental price reached €13.52 p/m². Both of those average prices exceed the highest prices seen in 2007 Continue Reading

Average Rent Increased 5.11% in 2022

The average cost of property to rent in Spain ended 2022 at 10.49 euros per square meter. This marks a monthly increase of 1.06%, a quarterly increase of 2.48% and an annual increase of 5.11%. The rise in rental costs seems to be unstoppable. According to Ferran Font, spokesman at, “the pressure that this Continue Reading

Average Cost of Rental Housing Up in October

Rental housing in Spain had an average price per square meter of 10.25 euros in October 2022. This figure showed a monthly rise of 0.49%. In the year-on-year comparison, it grew by 3.85%. Ferran Font, director of studies at said, “The cost of renting a home in Spain continues to show significant increases, given Continue Reading