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Monthly Archives: July, 2018

Marbella Luxury Property Prices Rising

The price of luxury housing in Spain continues to go up. In particular, the Andalusian coast is one of the destinations that most seduce both international and local investors. This has led to luxury housing soaring in price, with the average luxury home in the coastal haven now above 2 million euros. The luxury sector Continue Reading

Who is Looking For New Build Property?

29% of Spanish buyers opted for a new property

Over the last 12 months, 4% of Spaniards bought a home in Spain, and of these, 29% opted for a new build property, compared to 71% who bought a resale property. This is according to the report “Profile of a New Property Buyer 2017-2018”, published by fotocasa. The aim of the report was to gain Continue Reading

Price of Rental Housing Up in Second Quarter

Murcia saw the biggest increase in rental costs

The price of rental housing in Spain increased by 2.4% during the second quarter of 2018. This brings the average price per square metre to 10.8 euros per month, according to the latest data from idealista. When comparing to the same period in 2017, the increase reaches 15.6%. “It is true that we are experiencing Continue Reading

Used Housing Prices Increased in June

Prices fell in eight communities in June

The price of second-hand housing in Spain registered an increase of 1.1% during June, bringing the average per square metre to 1,664 euros. When compared to the same month in 2017 (1,554 euros), the year-on-year increase is 7.1%, according to the latest data from idealista. Autonomous Communities Prices fell in eight communities in June. The Continue Reading

Spain’s Housing Stock Increasing

Spain's Property Stock Increasing

In 2017, there were 26,645,100 registered homes in Spain, 0.23% more than in 2016, the largest increase since 2013. Thus, in one year the housing stock has increased by more than 58,000 properties, according to data from the Ministry of Development. Andalusia was the community with the most stock, with a total of 4,422,047 registered Continue Reading

Home Sales Increase 4.7% in May

Sales of new homes increased by 9.2%

The number of transferred properties written in the property registers (from public deeds) in the month of May is 183,748, which represents a 9.8% increase over the same month of 2017. Of the total transfers, 93,366 were property sales, representing an annual increase of 4.1%, according to the latest figures from the INE. Nicolas de Continue Reading

Eight Million Tourists Chose Spain in May

May saw a 1% annual increase in international visitors

Spain received 8.1 million international tourists in May, 1% more than in the same month of 2017, according to figures from the INE. The UK was the main country of residence for almost 2 million of those visitors, representing 24.6% of the total, but falling by 3.9%, when compared to May last year. Germany and Continue Reading

Used House Prices Up 2.7% in Second Quarter

Compared to Q2 2017, the increase is 7%

Second-hand house prices in Spain increased 2.7% during the second quarter of 2018. This rise puts the average cost of a square metre at 1,644 euros, according to the latest figures from idealista. Looking at the annual variation, the increase is 7%. Madrid, Barcelona and the Islands lead the ranking. “The recovery of the economy Continue Reading

Number of New Mortgages Increased in April

New mortgages up 34.2% in April

There were 27,724 new mortgages for home purchases in April, 34.2% more than in the same month of the previous year. The average amount of the new mortgages was 123,256 euros, according to the latest figures from the INE. The average amount showed an increase of 9.1%. when compared to April 2017. Compared to the Continue Reading