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2021 Saw 33% Increase in Property Sales

Sales of new homes grew 37.7% in 2021

The total number of properties transferred in the property registers in Spain in December 2021 reached 178,243, which is 17.6% more than in the same month of 2020. In the case of property sales, the number is 96,466, representing an annual increase of 26%, according to data from the INE. 86.4% of the purchases registered Continue Reading

Luxury Property Price Growth Slows

luxury property price growth slows

The average price of luxury housing in Spain increased by 3% year-on-year in 2018, according to a report from property portal idealista. The average price reached 6,800 euros per square metre at the end of the year. Although it increased, it did so more moderately than we’ve seen over the previous two years. In 2017 Continue Reading

Luxury Property Prices up 2% in 2018

Luxury Property Prices up 2% in 2018

Luxury housing (over 500,000 euros) has continued to rise in price throughout 2018 but has slowed down registering only a 2% year-on-year increase. The average price of luxury property now stands at 6,800 euros/m², up from 6,600 euros/m² registered at the end of 2017. The largest increases occurred in the cities of Madrid, San Sebastian Continue Reading

Luxury Property Stock Increasing

Luxury property is gaining ground in Spain

The luxury housing market is currently in good condition. There are more luxury properties on the market today than over the previous three years. 2.36% of second-hand homes currently on the market have an advertised sales price of over one million euros. This percentage exceeds that recorded in 2017 (2.22%), 2016 (1.92%) and in 2015 Continue Reading

Marbella Luxury Property Prices Rising

The price of luxury housing in Spain continues to go up. In particular, the Andalusian coast is one of the destinations that most seduce both international and local investors. This has led to luxury housing soaring in price, with the average luxury home in the coastal haven now above 2 million euros. The luxury sector Continue Reading