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Unfurnished Rental Properties are 40% Cheaper

More than 50% of rentals in Madrid are unfurnished
More than 50% of rentals in Madrid are without furniture

50.1% of rentals in Madrid are unfurnished

Properties in Spain that are on the rental market without furniture are, on average, 39.2% cheaper than those that are rented furnished. Nationally, less than one in three properties offered for rent are offered without furniture (30.6%).

Within that 30.6%, there are two groups: 21.4% are offered with a fitted kitchen (refrigerator, washing machine, oven/hobs), while 9.2% are offered empty; no furniture, no kitchen appliances.

Barcelona is the city in which the price difference between furnished and unfurnished rental property shows the biggest disparity. In the city, unfurnished properties are on average 35.9% cheaper than furnished properties. This situation is similar across the country with unfurnished properties offered at a much lower price in San Sebastián (-31.6%), Logroño (-15.1%), Albacete (-13.8%), Ávila (-12.8%) and Almería (-12.4%). In Madrid, the difference is smaller with furnished properties being 9.1% more expensive than empty homes, according to a study by idealista.

However, in some capitals the prices of unfurnished properties are higher than furnished. This is the case in Cáceres (13.2% more expensive), Lugo (12%), León (11.6%), Bilbao (9.3%), Seville (6.7%), Pontevedra (4.4%) and Santander (2.7%). The explanation for this phenomenon is that in many cases the unfurnished homes that are offered are in the highest price brackets due to size or location.

In Málaga, unfurnished properties are on average 9.3% cheaper than furnished, and 21.6% of advertised rental properties are unfurnished.

Unfurnished Madrid

The only capital in which the percentage of unfurnished homes on the market is higher than furnished is Madrid. More than half (50.1%) of properties advertised for rent are unfurnished. The following capitals all have a large proportion of unfurnished properties: Girona (40.8%), Santa Cruz de Tenerife (40%), Palma (39.9%), Barcelona (39.9%), Ourense (39.9%) and León (37.4%).

However, in other cities tales of unfurnished properties are practically anecdotal. In Lugo only 4.1% of rental properties are without furniture. Similarly, Jaén (5.6%), Cádiz (6.7%), Santander (7.7%). %), Salamanca (8.8%), Cáceres (8.9%), San Sebastián (8.9%) and Toledo (9.5%) all have very little unfurnished stock.