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July Saw Busiest Day Ever at Malaga Airport

July 28th was the airports busiest day ever
July 28th was the busiest day ever at Malaga Airport

July 28th was the busiest day ever at Malaga

Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport has handled 2.1% more passengers and 2.8% more flights between January and July this year than it did in the same period last year. Specifically, in the first seven months of the year, the airport has seen over 10.8 million passengers distributed across more than 80,000 flights.

The bulk of the passengers were on commercial flights. Of those, more than 1.5 million were travelling between Spanish cities. This contributed to an increase of 12.6% in the number of domestic passengers. There was also an increase of 16.5% in the number of domestic flights.

The remaining passengers moved on international flights, representing an increase of 0.3% when compared to the same period last year. This also increased the number of international flight movements by 0.2%, according to data from airport operator, AENA.

Busiest Day Ever in July

In July, more than 2.1 million travellers passed through Malaga Airport. Specifically, 2,146,965 passengers (a fall of 1.8%) moved on 15,493 flights (-0.5%). Of those, 1.8 million were on commercial flights and represented variations of -3.4% in the number of passengers and -2.2% in the number of flights.

The UK remained as the main destination/source of passengers (662,330) passing through Malaga airport in July. Next were the Germans (169,110) and French (135,833).

The last Saturday of July broke a record being the busiest day ever at the Costa del Sol airport. On that day, the airport saw the largest influx of passengers as well as the highest volume of flights. There were 560 flight operations on July 28th, and on the same day the airport staff handled 78,054 passengers!