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Cost of Shared Homes Increased in August

Cost of renting a room up 2.7% in August
Cost of renting a room up 2.7% in August

Cost of renting a room up 2.7% in August

The average price of renting a room in a shared apartment in Spain rose 2.7% on the interannual variation and stood at 319 euros per month in August, according to a report from Fotocasa.

After the strong increases that we have been registering in recent years, in general, the rental market is tending to stabilize and with it, the market for shared flats, especially in those areas and large cities in which prices have been more stressed, as is the case in Madrid and Barcelona“, explains Anaïs López, Communication Director at Fotocasa.

Putting autonomous communities in order of the largest recorded falls in the cost of shared homes in the last year sees Catalonia at the top with the cost of renting a room falling 14.8%. They are followed by Region of Murcia with -6.6%, Extremadura with -5%, Castilla y León with -4%, Valencia with -3.9%, Aragon with -3.7% and Madrid with -1.7%.

On the other hand, the communities that saw the largest increases in the price of renting a room compared to 2019 are: Castilla-La Mancha with 7.2%, Asturias with 6.9%, Andalusia with 4.5%, Galicia with 3.9%, Basque Country with 1.3% and the Canary Islands with 1.3%.

Catalonia Most Expensive

Regarding prices, Catalonia is the most expensive community to share a flat with an average cost of 395 euros/month, despite the fact that this community saw the largest fall in prices over the last twelve months (-14.8%). It is followed by Madrid with 381 euros/month, the Balearic Islands with 380 euros/month and the Basque Country (349 euros/month). Andalusia comes in mid-table with an average cost per month of 267 euros.

At the other end of the price list and the cheapest autonomous communities to rent a room are Extremadura with 176 euros/month, Castilla-La Mancha with 219 euros/month, Castilla y León with 221 euros/month and Galicia with 227 euros/month.

By City

Barcelona, Madrid and Palma de Mallorca are the most expensive cities in Spain to rent a room with a price of 416 euros/month, 395 euros/month and 381 euros/month, respectively. Renting a room in Malaga city costs an average of 307 euros/month.

Jaén is the cheapest municipality to rent a room, they ask for an average of 191 euros/month. They are followed by Valladolid with 219 euros/month, Córdoba with 227 euros/month, Salamanca with 232 euros/month and Murcia with 237 euros/month.