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Significant Increase in Property Sales in April

Home sales registered an annual increase of 11.9%

Home sales registered an increase of 11.9%

In April, there were 173,396 property transfers recorded in the property registers, 1.3% fewer than in the same month of 2021.

In the case of property sales, there were 94,876 registered in April, an annual increase of 6.3%, according to data released by the INE.

86.3% of the purchases registered in April correspond to urban properties and 13.7% to rustic properties. In the case of urban, 57.8% are home sales.

The number of sales of rustic properties decreased 1.2% on the annual rate in April, while that of urban properties increased 7.6%. Within the latter, home sales registered an annual increase of 11.9%.

18.6% of the home sold in April were new build properties, while 81.4% were used. The number of sales on new homes increased by 3.4% compared to April 2021 and that of used homes by 14.0%.

Results by Autonomous Communities

In the month of April, the total number of transferred properties registered in the property registries per 100,000 inhabitants reached its highest values in Castilla y León (742), La Rioja (712) and Castilla–La Mancha (656).

The Canary Islands (23.4%), Andalucía (6.6%) and Asturias (3.7%) registered the highest annual variation rates.

Comunidad Foral de Navarra (–18.4%), Madrid (–12.3%) and the Basque Country (–6.4%) presented the lowest annual rates.

Considering registered home sales, the communities with the highest number of transfers per 100,000 inhabitants are Valencia (159), Andalucía (149) and Cataluña (133).

The specific sales figures for those three communities were 6,383 in Valencia, 9,984 in Andalucia and 8,018 in Cataluña.