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Málaga Airport’s ´Without Barriers’ Initiative

Málaga Airports ´Without Barriers' Initiative
Málaga Airports ´Without Barriers' Initiative for passengers with disabilities

Málaga recognises not all disabilities are visible

Throughout 2019, Malaga Airport served 179,227 passengers with reduced mobility, mostly in October, September and May.

Malaga is proud of its facilities for those passengers who need help and they offer fifteen meeting points throughout the airport, both inside and outside the terminals (parking lots, sidewalks, check-in area, etc.) and three points of personalized attention, in addition to technical and material resources (more than a hundred wheelchairs, vehicles adapted with lifting platform, vans, ‘buggies’, etc.), all of which make the checkin process easier.

Invisible Disabilities

Within the airport’s services, there has been much development to improve the experience of using the airport for passengers with non-visible conditions such as Autism and Alzheimer’s, as well as other neurological disorders and diseases. Following various meetings promoted by airport operator Aena and continuous collaboration with family associations, a series of measures and procedures for this type of passenger have been implemented.

The airport, with the collaboration of the Autism Association Málaga, has launched the project ‘Without Barriers’, which represents a further advance in the improvement of the quality of life of people with ASD and other invisible disabilities. The objective of this initiative is to provide assistance to those with ASD who are going to travel by plane from this airport. To this end, Autismo Málaga coordinates with the team of professionals at the airport to inform, sensitize and make visible the ASD, as well as to provide action protocols, publicize the specific needs of each passenger and advise on the adaptation of the environment and Visual aids during the stays at the airport of these people and their families.

This helps to make Malaga truly accessible for everyone and to allow the Costa del Sol to remain as one of Europes top destinations for all.

January Passenger Growth

Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport started 2020 with an increase of 2.9% in passenger numbers, when compared to last January. Specifically, 1,042,347 passengers passed through the airport.

The bulk of the passengers moved on commercial flights (1,033,096), and of them, over 800,000 travelled on international flights, showing growth of 2%, year-on-year.

The remaining 203,924 passengers moved between Spanish cities, contributing to 2.6% growth in domestic passenger numbers.

The UK remained at the forefront as the main source/destination of passengers with a little over a quarter of a million passengers moving between the two countries. This represents growth of 3.5%. Germany (78,500 passengers) and Holland (63,931 users) were the next two busiest sources of passengers.

There was however a slight fall in the number of flight operations, with 1.1% fewer takeoffs when compared to January 2019.

Peak Day

The first Sunday of the year, January 5th, was the busiest January day for Malaga Airport. On that single day almost 50,000 passengers moved through the facilities, with 371 flight operations.