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Home Sales Increased Significantly in April

Sales of new property increased 31.7% in April

Sales of new homes increased 31.7% in April

In April 2024, the total number of transferred properties registered in the property registries reached 191,286, which was 20.8% more than in the same month of 2023.

In the case of purchases and sales of registered properties, the number of transfers was 103,950, representing an annual increase of 21.1%.

86.7% of the sales registered in April corresponded to urban properties and 13.3% to rural properties. In the case of urban sales, 58.9% were home sales, according to data from the INE.

The number of purchases and sales of rural properties increased by 17.5% in April at an annual rate. Sales of urban properties increased by 21.7%. Within the latter, home sales registered an annual increase of 24.0%.

20.1% of the homes transferred by sale in April were new and 79.9% used. The number of sales on new homes rose by 31.7% compared to April 2023, while sales of used homes rose by 22.3%.

Results by Autonomous Communities

The Canary Islands (43.9%), Castilla y León (37.7%) and the Principality of Asturias (35.2%) recorded the highest annual variation rates in April in the total number of properties transferred.

For its part, the Community of Madrid (-1.3%) presented the only negative annual rate.

Looking at sales of registered homes, the autonomous communities that presented the greatest increases were Castilla-La Mancha (49.2%), Principality of Asturias (45.0%) and Aragón (44.5%). Andalucia saw sales increase by 33%.

Meanwhile, Extremadura (1.2%), Community of Madrid (6.1%) and Basque Country (15.0%) registered the smallest increases.