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Used Property Prices Increased 1.6% in July

Average used property price is 1,690 euros/m²
Average used property price is 1,690 euros/m²

Average used property price is 1,690 euros/m²

The price of used property in Spain registered an increase of 1.6% in July, to stand at an average of 1,690 euros/m², according to the latest figures from idealista. If we look at the data from last year the interannual increase is 9.3%.

Autonomous Communities

Of all the communities, only Galicia saw a fall in used property prices (-0.3%). All other communities saw prices increase in July. The greatest increases were seen in Castilla-La Mancha (2.7%), the Canary Islands (2.5%), and Valencia (2.2%).

Communities to see increases below 2% were La Rioja (1.8%), Madrid (1.7%), Andalusia (1.2%, to reach 1,503 euros/m²), and Catalonia (1.1%).

Madrid is the most expensive community with an average price of 2,197 euros/m². Next are the Balearic Islands with an average cost per square metre of 2,667 euros, and Euskadi with 2,535 euros/m².

On the opposite side of the table we find Extremadura (926 euros/m²), Castilla-La Mancha (930 euros/m²) and Murcia (1,036 euros/m²), which are the cheapest communities.


A total of 40 provinces register higher prices than a month ago. The greatest increases were experienced in Toledo (4.1%), followed by Las Palmas (3.3%), Castellón (2.5%) and Valencia (2.4%). The biggest fall, however, occurred in Ourense where owners now ask for 2.3% less for their properties. They are followed by the falls of A Coruña (-1%) and Lleida (-0.9%). The average price in the province of Málaga is 2,052 euros/m².

The ranking of the most expensive provinces is led by Madrid with 2,917 euros/m². In second place is Barcelona (2,820 euros/m²) followed by Guipúzcoa (2,780 euros/m²). Avila, on the other hand, is the cheapest province with a price of 799 euros per m². They are followed by Toledo (821 euros/m²) and Ciudad Real (862 euros/m²).

Provincial Capitals

During the month of July, the number of capitals to see used property prices rise was 35. The most pronounced rise is the one experienced by Huesca, where the expectations of the owners grew by 6.1%. In Girona, the increase was 5.3%, while in Ávila it was 4.2%. In Madrid, prices increased by 1.1% and in Barcelona they decreased by 0.3%. Ourense, on the other hand, marked the biggest drop this month (-1.8%), followed by A Coruña (-1.3%) and Salamanca (-1.2%).

Despite the fall, Barcelona remains the most expensive city in Spain, with an average of 4,386 euros/m², followed by San Sebastián (4,277 euros/m²) and Madrid (3,799 euros/m²). Avila, on the other hand, is the most economical, with an average price of 946 euros/m², followed by Lleida (979 euros/m²) and Castellón (1,052 euros/m²). In Málaga city, the average price has reached 2,184 euros/m².