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Young People Struggling to Afford Rentals

65% of young buyers are women

In 2017, 38% of young people (between 18 and 34 years old) were able to enter the housing market. In 2018, this has dropped to 29%, a 24% fall in one year. This is one of the main conclusions of a report from Fotocasa, “Young people and their relationship with housing 2017-2018“, which aims to Continue Reading

Unfurnished Rental Properties are 40% Cheaper

More than 50% of rentals in Madrid are unfurnished

Properties in Spain that are on the rental market without furniture are, on average, 39.2% cheaper than those that are rented furnished. Nationally, less than one in three properties offered for rent are offered without furniture (30.6%). Within that 30.6%, there are two groups: 21.4% are offered with a fitted kitchen (refrigerator, washing machine, oven/hobs), Continue Reading

Spain’s Housing Stock is Getting Old

Average property age in Spain is 45 years

Second-hand housing for sale in Spain has an average age of 45 years, according to a study carried out by idealista. Rental properties currently on offer are slightly younger at an average of 44 years old. However, the differences in property ages in different provincial capitals are notable. This can be said of both sale Continue Reading

Cost of Renting a Room in Spain Increases

Average room rental cost is up 7%

The cost of renting a room in a shared property has increased by 7% over the last year. This brings the average cost to 331 euros per month, according to a study by idealista. At the same time, the amount of available rooms has reduced by 3.3% which is likely to keep prices rising. In Continue Reading

Cost of Renting Increased Again in January

Year-on-Year Variations in January by Autonomous Community

The cost of renting housing in Spain increased by 3.5% in January to stand at €8.44 p/m² per month. This is the largest monthly increase since March 2007 when the monthly variation was 6.3%. On a monthly basis, the cost of renting increased in 15 communities and decreased in two. The highest increase was recorded Continue Reading

Cost of Renting Increased 10% in August

Average rental cost increased 10% in August

The average cost of renting increased by 10% year-on-year in Spain in August. This is the third year-on-year increase over 10% in 2017, in addition to 30 consecutive months of annual growth, according to the latest data from fotocasa. The year-on-year variation recorded this month is the third highest recorded this year: in May it Continue Reading

Price of Rental Housing Fell in July

Average cost of renting fell in July

The average price of rental housing in Spain fell by 0.4% in July. The average now stands at 8.08€ m²/month. This monthly decrease breaks the trend of recent months which saw costs steadily rising. The current average price takes us back to November 2010 when the rental average was 8.10€ m²/month. “Today, renting a flat Continue Reading

Only 30% of Homes Have Air-Conditioning

Summer temperatures can be brutal!

Despite being one of the hottest summers, Spain’s housing stock shows that not everybody has the benefit of air-conditioning. In fact, only 30.1% of homes currently for sale or rent in Spain are equipped with any form of cooling, according to a study by idealista. For the study, the property portal analysed 900,000 homes currently Continue Reading

Apartments Most Popular for Holiday Rental

Only 10% of holiday rentals are villas

Four out of ten homeowners who put their property on the holiday rental market managed to rent the property within the first two weeks. In fact, 7% managed to get a tenant within the first week. 16% rented the property within one week, while 19% needed two weeks to rent it. “The speed and ease Continue Reading

Rental Costs Increased in May

Renting costs 10.5% more than last year

Average rental costs in Spain increased by 1.3% in May, when compared to the previous month. The average price now stands at 8.14€ /m² per month, according to the latest data from fotocasa. This is only the second month since 2011 to see an average price over 8€ /m² per month. As with April, we Continue Reading