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Spain’s Housing Stock Increasing

Spain's Property Stock Increasing
Spains housing stock increasing

Spain’s housing stock increased in 2017

In 2017, there were 26,645,100 registered homes in Spain, 0.23% more than in 2016, the largest increase since 2013. Thus, in one year the housing stock has increased by more than 58,000 properties, according to data from the Ministry of Development.

Andalusia was the community with the most stock, with a total of 4,422,047 registered dwellings. Catalonia has 3,915,370 placing it in second. Valencia and Madrid were next with 3,182,158 and 2,974,747.

It is easy to see where the extra stock has come from in Andalusia. Here on the Costa del Sol we have somewhere in the region of 200 new developments in various stages of construction. We have over 100 on our books right now with new ones announced weekly. Although construction has seen a revival in recent years we are still a long way from the number of new properties that were being built annually before the crisis.

Other communities with more than a million homes are Castilla y León (1,747,011), Galicia (1,623,679), Castilla-La Mancha (1,270,032), Basque Country (1,052,012) and the Canary Islands (1,049,945).

Finally, there are 765,925 registered homes in Aragón, 786,733 in Murcia, 662,378 in Extremadura, 624,001 in Asturias, 597,501 in the Balearic Islands, 364,468 in Cantabria, 319,331 in Navarra and 202,403 in La Rioja. In the autonomous enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla, the combined figure is 55,359.

Over 1 million New Homes

The ministry’s data shows that, in the last decade, the number of homes in Spain has grown 6.6%. There were 24 million homes back in 2007, increasing by 1,610,134.

This information is included in the document ‘Estimation of the housing stock’ corresponding to the year 2017 published by the Ministry of Development, which differentiates whether the property is a primary dwelling or not.

Specifically, in Spain there were in 2017 a total of 19,120,417 main homes, 0.3% more than the previous year. Likewise, there were 6,524,683 considered non-main residences, with a year-on-year drop of 0.07%.