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Málaga Airport Reaches 17 Million Passengers

More than a million passengers in October
More than a million passengers in October

More than a million passengers in October

So far this year, Málaga Airport has handled more than 17 million passengers, a new record! Additionally, the figure is almost one million more than in the same period of 2016, when the total reached 16,672,776 travellers.

The total this year is 17,629,630 travellers spread over a massive 128,796 flight operations. These figures represent increases of 11.9% for passengers and 11% for flight operations, when compared to the same period last year.

The bulk of travellers in the first eleven months of 2017 moved on commercial flights (excluding executive aviation), to total 17,583,137. Of these, 15,322,019 were on international flights with origin or destination in a foreign city (+12.7%), while 2,261,118 were domestic travellers moving between Spanish airports (+6.9%).

November Data

The figures for November follow the positive tendency of the rest of the year, following a 7.1% increase in passenger numbers in October. With 1,065,132 passengers and 8,565 landings and take-offs, November showed increases of 10.3% and of 9.5%, respectively, when compared to the same month last year.

The majority of passengers passing through Málaga Airport last month (1,061,716) travelled on commercial flights, with an increase of 9.1% in the number of international flights, especially to/from the United Kingdom. 16.6% of November’s passengers travelled on domestic routes.

In terms of flight operations, the airport managed 8,565 movements last month, surpassing the figure from November 2016 by 9.5%. These increases were reproduced both in international flights, which they grew by 7.4% to 6,180, and in domestic flights, which rose to 2,009, 20.2% more than in the same month of the previous year.

The first Sunday of the month was the day with the highest traffic intensity, with November’s maximum number of passengers and movements occurring on the same day. On November 5, Málaga-Costa del Sol Airport recorded 385 landings and take-offs and 51,934 travellers.