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Costa del Sol Busy with Tourists in July

Costa del Sol Busy with Tourists in July
Costa del Sol Busy with 2.2 million passengers

Malaga airport had another busy July

The Costa del Sol is once again a tourist mecca with 2.2 million passengers passing through Malaga airport in July. Those travellers moved on 15,900 flights, according to airport operator AENA.

These figures represent an increase of 3.8% in passenger numbers and 2.5% more flight operations, when compared to July in the previous year.

The vast majority of people moved on commercial flights, amounting to 2,222,771 passengers. Of those, most were on international flights (1,929,415), representing growth of 3.2% over last July. The number of international flights also grew with a 2.2% increase.

The remaining 293,356 passengers were on domestic flights moving between Spanish cities, contributing to an increase of 8.1% in passenger traffic and 10.7% in the number of domestic flights.

The UK was of course the main source of international traffic arriving at Malaga. Over six hundred thousand passengers arrived from the UK, an increase of 0.85%. This is a smaller increase than we have become used to. Perhaps the Brexit uncertainty is now affecting tourism as it did with those people wanting to buy a property, with more Brits choosing a staycation. German and French passengers were the next most numerous.

The busiest day of July was Saturday 13th. On that day the airport staff handled 543 flight operations. The peak day for passenger numbers was on Sunday 21st, when a massive 77,757 travellers moved through the airport in a single day.

Growth in the first seven months of 2019

In the first seven months of 2019, 11,443,706 travellers moved in 84,062 flights, resulting in an increases of 5.9% and 4.7%, respectively, compared to the same period of the previous year.

The increases are reproduced in the domestic and foreign markets. Between January and July Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport managed 9,716,054 international passengers (+5.4%) on 64,609 international flights (+4.2%).

Traffic with Spanish airports also increased in this period of 2019, with 1,699,092 passengers (+10.5%) who moved on 16,768 flights (+9.6%).