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2017 Broke Records at Málaga Airport

Malaga saw more flights and passengers than ever before
Málaga Airport saw more flights and passengers than ever before

Malaga saw more passengers than ever before

Malaga Airport broke records in 2017 with the highest number of passengers as well as the number of flight operations, according to airport network operator AENA.

Over the course of the year, Málaga airport staff handled 18,628,786 passengers, an increase of 11.7% over 2016, almost 2 million more passengers. This is the most passengers dealt with in a single year since the airport first opened.

The airport also handled a massive 137,092 flight operations. This is 10.8% more than in 2016 and is another record for the airport.

The majority of travellers were on commercial flights and of those, 86% were on international flights, representing an increase of 12.4% when compared to 2016. The remaining 14% (2,457,993) flew on domestic routes to or from another Spanish airport.

In the case of international traffic, the United Kingdom (5,942,472 passengers), Germany (1,643,035), the Netherlands (1,140,495) and France (1,066,411) were once again responsible for the greatest number of passengers.

Another record hit in 2017 was the largest volume of luggage handled in the airports history: 5,300,637 (+ 1.7%) items, with August being the busiest month with the most suitcases handled in a single month (678,678), although it was in July, on the 29th, on which the airport handled a massive 26,817 items of luggage in a single day.


In terms of traffic statistics for the month of December, almost a million passengers (999,246) passed through Málaga airport. This represents an increse of 9.5% when compared to the same month in 2016.

Of these, 995,335 were travelling on commercial flights, which is also an increase of 9.5%. International travellers totalled 798,460 (+ 7.3%). 19.7% of travellers were on domestic routes (196,875).

In terms of flight operations, the airport handled 8,296 flights last month, 8.5% more than in December 2016.

Two Saturdays became the busiest days of the month. On December 23, coinciding with the Christmas holidays, airport staff handled 357 flight operations. Just one week later, on December 30, almost 50,000 passengers (47,538) passed through the airport.